My Vision for Wisconsin.

 It seems as though most politicians are concerned about keeping their big donors happy rather than representing the people who voted them into office. I promise that, as your representative, I will always place my vote based on what the majority in the district wants.

Badgercare Expansion

Although some of us are doing well and are able to make ends meet, there are family members and friends who are struggling.


We need to provide health care to the less fortunate. With the most expensive health care costs in the world, it is so important to protect those that go without.

Marijuana Legalization

Wisconsin is blessed with some of the most fertile land in the country. It's a shame that we don't take advantage of it. Imagine how legalization could help the plight of the small farmer in our state. Wisconsin's population is very close to the population of Colorado. In 2019, Colorado passed the 1 billion dollar mark in tax revenue collected from marijuana sales.


In January alone, our neighbors to the south (Illinois), collected over 10 million dollars in tax revenue from the sale of marijuana. What could we do with that tax revenue? Addiction counseling, drug education, Veteran's programs, etc.

Natural Resources/Clean


As a native Wisconsinite, I grew up trout fishing. It's amazing to me that so many of our bodies of water either can't sustain aquatic life or are contaminated with corporate farm run off.


While private wells become tainted with harmful chemicals, corporate farms privatize the gains while the majority of the citizens of our great state hold the bill in the form of illnesses related to contamination and the costs involved in mitigation of contamination. We have to do better for all of our citizens, not just the corporate farms.

Trade School tuition and expansion

After High School, so many of our young adults would love to stay in the communities they are from to raise families. With minimal decent paying job opportunities in our rural communities, these young adults need educational opportunities locally. If a young man or woman wants to be an auto mechanic, most likely they will either have to move out of the community or commute to get the education they need.


I believe we should expand trade school opportunities to the rural technical colleges to make it possible for our young adults to find the educational opportunities locally to provide them with the training necessary to get a high paying job to raise their families locally. I also believe we should make it possible for people desiring training in the trades to get the education they need without graduating in debt. Let's allow free Trade School tuition to any resident desiring an education in the trades. This will help our rural communities to flourish.


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